'North Coast Pilgrimage' (2010) and 'Seasons' Turning' (2012) are 'documentaries' about rituals conducted to intercede with seasonal forces beyond human control.

'The Seasons’ Turning' (2012) features the installation and performance 'Keskerdh An Kammva Dro'. These complimentary pieces - one landscape based, one gallery based, were made for the Newlyn Society of Artists exhibition 'Site-Non-Site' at Kestle Barton Rural Centre for Contemporary Art in October 2012 .

'Endellion Waves' (2017) is video poem, made in collaboration with poet Alyson Hallett. This series of still images is the backdrop for Alyson's reading of her poem 'Transparencies'

'Another April' (2017): A waving shadow serves as a motif to represent the narrator’s connection with the farmland of her childhood.

'Conversation With A Pebble' (2017) is a collaboration with poet Alyson Hallett and musician Chris Hardy.